Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning the Gutters

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One popular DIY project that homeowners do is gutter cleaning. Cleaning the gutter system of your house is a very vital maintenance job. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as you think. Oftentimes, these DIYers make mistakes that end up in injuries and damages.  

Of course, after gutter installation, the next thing you’ll have to do is gutter maintenance. Here are several gutter cleaning mistakes that you should avoid: 

Clogging Gutters 

There’s a high possibility that you’ll leave behind debris if you don’t know how to exactly clean the gutters and/or you can’t completely see the interior of the gutters from your position. If that’s the case, the gutters might clog up again immediately. A clogged gutter can result in a lot of problems such as split downspouts, ruined siding, a damaged foundation, a flooded basement, and much more. It’s very crucial to clean the gutters at least 2 times each year.  

Using the Wrong Tools 

Having the correct tools is crucial if you’re trying DIY gutter cleaning. There are broom-like, vacuum, and spray tools that can make your job a bit simpler. Unfortunately, they aren’t great. They might not completely unclog the gutters. This depends on the amount and type of debris in the gutter.  

Wearing Wrong Clothing 

Wearing the right protective footwear and gear is extremely crucial when getting on a roof or climbing a ladder. Shoes should be closed and have rubber soles. It isn’t ideal to go barefoot or wear flip flops or sandals. Gloves, head protection, and eye protection are also crucial. You can protect your eyes from any form of flying debris with protective eyewear.  

It might not appear like it’s necessary to wear a hard hat when cleaning the gutter. However, it is still vital. This can protect your head if you’ll fall.  


One common mistake that homeowners do is overreaching on a ladder. Of course, it can be a bit frustrating to reposition constantly the ladder. However, the risks associated with overreaching simply aren’t worth the convenience. Overreaching can throw the ladder off balance and can lead to you falling. If you don’t have a spotter with you, a fall from overreaching is even more dangerous.  

Ladder Safety 

When using ladders, you might see a lot of warnings directly printed on it. Of course, there is a reason for this. It’s vital to follow all the warnings when climbing a ladder. It’s for your own safety since operating at any type of height poses risks. It’s also vital to keep in mind that ladder-related injuries are very common. It can occur at any height. You’ve got to always ensure that there is someone securing the ladder’s base if you are climbing it. Also, ensure that the ladder is securely placed on the ground.  

The ladder needs to lean against the house’s siding. You shouldn’t lean it against the gutter since that area is slippery. Using power tools while climbing the ladder isn’t a simple job. If you’ve got a hard time cleaning your gutter, simply hire a professional.  

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